Training Battalions

Training Battalions:

We have limited information relating to the training battalions and most of what we do have has come from the Camp Hood newspapers. Thank you to Paul Stevens for his research on this subject. Most units were based at Camp Hood, TX but there were also units at Camp Swift, TX and possible elsewhere.

After the initial battalions were formed, there was continued need men to fill positions in the units as well as provide replacements. In the end, we believe many men that were trained ended up in other units.

The units we are aware of are as follow:

Groups:                   1st & 2nd

Regiments:               1st, 2nd, 3rd , 4th  & 5th

Battalions:                116th*. 120th*, 126th, 127th, 128th, 129th, 130th, 131st, 132nd,
                                 133rd (AA), 134th, 135th, 136th, 137th, 138th, 139th, 140th,
                                  141st, (Army Specialized Trng Bn -142nd, 143rd, 144th, 145th,
                                  146th, 147th,148th, 149th 
(Camp Swift?*)

Additional Information/Materials: