Operations of Task Force "A", Aug 1st to Sep 22nd, 1944 - General Earnest Aprvd

I honestly don't remember where this document came from but you will see, it is an official document on the campaign, which has been declassified and initialed by General Herbert L. Earnest. so I would expect the contents to be accurate.  Within the document, it mentions the loss of the 15th Cavalry Commander, John B. Reybold and the move of Col. Logan Berry from the 6th TD Grp to Command the Cavalry Group.  It also mentions that Col. Frank T. Searcy was moved from the Executive Officer position of Task Force "A" to Command the 6th TD Group.  Lt. Col. Louis C. Cadenhead Jr. would assume Searcy's position as the Exec. Officer of Task Force "A".  Unfortunately the last page of the document is missing.

Operations of Task Force "A" Document