After Action Reports - HQ Co. 6th Tank Destroyer Group

The following links are to After Action Reports covering the period of November, 1944, through May, 1945.  Unfortunately, there are gaps in the information and not all of the reports include the same information for each time period.  The files are as they were provided to me from the National Archive facility in College Park, MD.  I am appreciative of their efforts to find this information.

1.  After Action Report - November and December 1944.  Includes information on attached units, 638th, 771st, 821st, 814th TD Bns and Corps Reserve units 135th, and 141st AAA and 557th FA Bn.

2.  After Action Report - January 1945.  Includes information on attached units, 771st, 821st, TD Bns and Corps Reserve units 135th, and 141st AAA.

3.  After Action Report - February 1945. Minimal information included.

4.  After Action Report - March 1945. Includes firing information for 751st FA Bn.

5.  After Action Report - April 1945. Includes Officer listing.

6.  After Action Report - May 1945. Includes Officer listing