"One Hundred and Eighty Days" XIII Corps from the Siegfried Line to the Elbe

One Hundred and Eighty Days is the story of the XIII Corps drive from the Siegfried Line to the Elbe River in Germany as told by the war correspondents.  It is basically a collection of newspaper clippings gathered by the Public Relations Section of the XIII Corps and put in the form of a book.   It includes a letter from Commanding Maj. Gen. Alvan C. Gillem which is dated June 1945.  The book has 43 pages and is softcover with a staple binding. It was printed by Richard Petersen G.M.B.H., Hannover, Germany. The 6th Tank Destroyer Group was attached to the XIII Corps during this period and acted as the Corps Antitank unit.  Maj. Truman Alford is mentioned in the article on pages 11 and 12, noting his involvement in the CRC (Control Rest Center) and the 6th is also mention in the caption below the photo on page 17. Due to the file size of the book, it was necessary to divide it into two parts.

     Part 1.  Pages 1 through 23 and can be downloaded here.

     Part 2.  Pages 24 through 43 and can be downloaded here.